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M.S. Student

James Lin is a master’s student majoring in agronomy at Kansas State University in the Soil Microbial Agroecology Lab. He received his B.S. in environmental science and technology from the University of Maryland, College Park. James’s research focuses on identify the soil health status across a Kansas precipitation gradient under 3 different land management systems while evaluating the utility and reliability of NRCS soil health metrics down to a 100 cm depth. He is also involved in several projects such as structural equation modeling of soil health; greenhouse gas emissions from cattle residues; carbon sequestration, root biomass, and soil microbial diversity of green roofs; soil health of long term no-till soybean and wheat rotations; and soil health of biofuel cropping systems (switchgrass, sorghum, corn, miscanthus).


M.S. Student

Originally from Maine, Will is a master’s student of Agronomy at Kansas State University currently conducting research in the Soil Microbiology and Agroecology Lab on a Nitrogen fixing bacteria intended for cereal crops. Will is passionate about environmental sustainability, food security, and understanding the challenges posed to Agronomy by the projected world population increase and climate change. He would like to use his knowledge as an Agronomy student and experience as a researcher to promote sustainable farming practices that address the needs of those most vulnerable to food insecurity in the future.